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Negotiating the best contracts – with extensive experience of specifications, product, suppliers, contractors (and their capabilities), we can negotiate and procure the best contracts without compromising on quality.

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Meticulous approach – particularly at an early stage, this identifies any specific risks and opportunities that will impact on cost, timing, specification, long-term value and overall feasibility.

  • Delivery and cost are never compromised – we robustly represent and protect the interests of our clients within a pressurized commercial environment
  • Rigorous and continuous scrutiny – ensures that there are no ‘nasty surprises’ during a project’s lifespan that may impact on timing or budgets
  • Sound commercial assessment of design options to optimize value – we have access to market intelligence and can feed this into the early design development stages
  • Understanding value drivers – we can acknowledge short and long term value drivers in the design and delivery of projects
  • Understanding occupier’s needs and leading change programs – we know where trends in occupier requirements are leading and can inform the debate to enhance business behavior


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We understand that having the right team for your project is critical, and we ensure that the support of our senior management is standard practice. Our long-standing leadership team has a track record of delivering projects successfully across the entire region. Working closely with the local teams and clients, our leaders have been instrumental in building the strong foundation and reputation on which our project and construction business operates.

Our professionals go through continuous training to ensure that skills are refreshed and reinforced while new and innovative skills are added. We focus on the ability to communicate effectively, to enable translation of the technical into terms that are understood by all stakeholders. Many of our people have backgrounds as professionally registered architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and builders.

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